GAP Calls On The President To Spearhead Peace Building Process

//GAP Calls On The President To Spearhead Peace Building Process

President Adama Barrow

The recent statement uttered by President Barrow is a concern for our peaceful coexistence and threat to national security standards. Thus, we are urging him to desist from such statement as well as uphold the ethics of the highest office in the Gambia and spearhead the peace building process in the country.

Historic moments on personal matters must not be trivialized for political points and are meant to be respected and reserved from public space. We expect the President to be responsible enough and exhibit those standout qualities that accompanied with presidency.

Climbing on five hundred meter trees and placing amulets beneath dead bodies are not necessarily worth our hearing for not being a national discourse. We urge President Barrow to publicly apologise to the Gambian citizenry and desist from such comments further.

Hon. Musa Ousainou Yali Batchilly,
Secretary General and Party Leader of GAP.


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