‘We are not organizing protest’—UDP leader

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The United Democratic Party has issued a press statement on Friday dispelling rumours that it is involved in organizing protest as the 3-year proposed term for President Adama Barrow nears its end.

The Gambian leader and his partners have campaign on a 3-year term for presidency. Since they came into power, Barow changed his position and declared intention to finish the term.

Since then, there was a loose movement calling itself “3 years jotna”, vowing to take to the street to demand Barrow’s resignation.

Critics of the UDP said the party is behind this, a charge the party categorically deny.

“The secretary general and party leader of the United Democratic Party hereby informs the general public that the UDP is not organising any political event or gathering in any part of the Gambia contrary to the rumours and allegations that the  United Democratic Party is organising or participating in the organising a protest  and or manifestations in any part of the Gambia.  The UDP is a responsible and mature political party and not a protest movement whenever political events are organised the party ensures that all the necessary permits are obtained in good time,” said the party in a statement.


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  1. Sidi Bojang May 10, 2019 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    How old is the picture of Ousainou Darbo that is usually used by the UDP Party whenever their “Generalismo” wants to spread misinformation. What is the psychology of the UDP Party leader, Ousainou Darbo? Does he want to remain in his past, I mean past age of 50s instead of his current potential age of about 77 plus years? Prior to UDP’S OUSAINOU DARBO, SANNEH AND LAMIN DIBBA’S dissmissmal from Adama Barrow’s government’s Cabinet, it was Ousainou Darbo who was quoted saying, “he would sue anyone who wants to limit Adama Barrow to a three (3) year transition term”. According to Ousainou Darbo, the Gambian Constitution Mandates a Five year Presidential Term not Three years. UDP Militants and Surrogates bought and sold the same narratives. Now that Ousainou Darbo, Lamin Dibba and Sanneh have been thrown out of the Adama Barrow government, Ousainou Darbo and UDP Party are changing their Song, Tune and Dance. The old song of “Ousainou Darbo Ye Banko Taa” meaning, Ousainou Darbo has taken the Land, Nation or the Gambia has taken a metamorphic change of 360 degrees overnight. The Constitution, the Gambia and Gambians don’t matter. What matters above all is Ousainou Darbo, the UDP PARTY, its Leadership and Militants. Party before Country or Nation, the Gambia.

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