TRRC Lead counsel Issues Warning to NIA

//TRRC Lead counsel Issues Warning to NIA

Ousman Sowe, DG, NIA and Essa M. Faal, TRRC Lead Counsel

The Lead Counsel has issued warning to the authorities and personnel of the National Intelligence Agency [NIA] to refrain from all actions that will amount to threats against or victimisation of Basirou Sey, a serving member of the agency’s operations units who testified at the commission today.

“I just want to take this opportunity to Issue that warning to NIA authorities, and personnel and colleagues of Basirou Sey to refrain from all actions that will amount to threats against him; or victimisation of him [Basirou] on account of the testimony he’s given before the TRRC,” Essa M. Faal said at the end of Basirou’s testimony.

Lead Counsel continued: “Mr Sey is a witness of the commission. He has answered the call of the state to come and speak truthfully to what he knows to have happened at the NIA. And no one should interfere with him. No one should threaten him. No one should victimise him.”

Faal assured certain witnesses of the commission’s support now and later.


“And the commission would be watching. Even post this commission, the commission would put it in its orders that certain individuals should be always dealt with properly in accordance with law and fairness. Because they have done what their nation has asked them to do- which is to come and truthfully testify to the things that they know.”

The TRRC Lead Counsel congratulated  the witnesses for their boldness and commitment to the national cause by speaking the truth, adding that they should not be vilified in any way.

Counsel Faal on behalf of the commission urged the NIA to treat well and protect its staff who served as witnesses at TRRC.

“We encourage and urge the authorities of the NIA or SIS to take this people, treat them properly and protect them and seal them from people who may wish to exert revenge against them.”

Meanwhile, Ousman Sowe, Director General of the agency could not be reached for comments at the time of going to press.

Kerr Fatou will endeavour to get his reaction on this .


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