President Barrow donates over D11M to Gambian Pilgrims

/, Press Release/President Barrow donates over D11M to Gambian Pilgrims

Gambian president Adama Barrow has donated eleven million two hundred and fifty thousand (11, 250, 000) dalasi to 1700 Gambian pilgrims, the state broadcaster has reported in their 8p.m. news.

According to the state broadcaster, the donation which was described as a “magnanimous gesture” from Barrow, was made on Monday.

The Gambian leader was reported to have made the donation through the Gambian embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Barrow is on an annual salary of two million and forty thousand dalasi. The Gambian leader has never made such a cash donation in public since coming to power.

His predecessor Yahya Jammeh has made several donations of this nature but since the regime change which brought Barrow in power citizens frown upon the act, calling it a system of political patronage.

Part of this story is taken from Whats On Gambia



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