President Barrow discontinues trials of Faraba shooters

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President Adama Barrow has also lifted the suspension meted out on the Director of Geology Department and the Executive Director of National Environment Agency.

President Adama Barrow has discontinued the prosecution of the officers of the Police Intervention Unit and civilians implicated in the Faraba Banta incident in June 2018.

Violence broke out between natives of Faraba and the police in June leading to the death of three people in injury of several others. A Commission which investigated the incident has recommended for the prosecution of five police officers and some civilians.

But according to a press release issued by the presidency on Tuesday, Barrow has discontinued the trial following appeals from the community of Faraba.

The Community, through the Alkalo of the village, Mr. Omar Kujabi, wrote a letter to the President, accompanied by a sworn affidavit requesting, among other things, for the withdrawal of criminal charges in the matter ‘‘to promote true reconciliation’’, peace, and stability in the village.

Additionally, the community stated that they were satisfied and appreciative of the responsible leadership demonstrated and acts of compassion that His Excellency, President Adama Barrow and his government had undertaken after the incident, such as the visit by the President to the community in the immediate aftermath of the incident, the setting up of a commission of inquiry and appointment of a coroner as well as his decision to act on the recommendations of the investigative commission, among other gestures.

Based on the foregoing, the president has accordingly accepted to respect and grant the wishes of the community, particularly families of the victims, to immediately withdraw all the charges against the PIU officers and civilian perpetrators concerned.

Meanwhile, the President has also accepted to lift the suspension meted out on the Director of Geology Department and the Executive Director of National Environment Agency.





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  1. Kemo January 10, 2019 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    We are in serious trouble in Gambia…. We are experiencing the making of a dictator who can be worse than Yahya…… We have a president who became so rich within a few months that he gave out tens of vehicles to MPS, claims that he financially sponsored candidates during the parliamentary elections, gave millions of dollars to pilgrims, and his wife is mysteriously receiving donations of tens of thousands of dollars to her foundation… Additionally he has setup a Barrow Youth Movement (similar to Yahya’s green boys) to rival the youth and development programs established by the government, and now he is unilaterally ending a criminal prosecution of folks who are involved in murder……. All of this in 2 plus years…. Imagine what he will become if he is able to entrench himself in power for tens of years like Yahya….. I really fear for Gambia and its people… This man needs to go and the sooner the better.

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