Inadequate funding impedes sports development—Gomez

//Inadequate funding impedes sports development—Gomez

Mr Gomez said Gambia’s young people should have interest in the fishing sector since it is being dominated by foreigners.

The youths and sports minister, Henry Gomez, has told lawmakers on Monday that inadequate funding is one of the key contributors of sports underdevelopment in the country.

Gomez, who was responding to lawmakers on the reasons for Gambia’s abysmal performance in sports, especially in football, said poor infrastructure and weak grassroots sports development are also contributing factors.

“Government alone cannot invest in sports. Last year, out sports development fund was ten million and this year it has been reduced to five million…,” he said.

“The national team needs to have test matches but where are they going to get the funds from?… There is no funds for sports… Just for the national team to travel cost us up to five million sometimes… So we are not having funds.”

“The issue of poor performance in sports has a direct connection to poor sporting infrastructure…,” commented Seedia Jatta, the National Assembly member for Wuli West.

Gambia has never qualified for either African Cup of Nations or World Cup in the history of its nationhood despite the citizens’ higher interest in football.

The minister said his ministry sometimes turn to Gambia Football Federation for funding of some sporting activities.

Gomez appeared before lawmakers to also answer questions relating to youth employment and plans Government has to deal with migrant returnees from Europe and other African countries.

The minister answer questions on Government’s plans to engage youth in fishing sector and gardening, among others.




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