‘I support Pres. Barrow’s 5-year agenda’— Magassy

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Muhammed Magassy

Muhammed Magasy, an independent National Assembly member representing Basse constituency, has expressed his support for President Adama Barrow to complete his 5-year constitutional term.

The Gambian leader Barrow came to power on the backing of seven political parties and 3 independent candidates.

One of the independent candidates, Isatou Touray, is the current vice president while the others, Muhammed Magasy and Buba Ayi Sanneh, were lawmakers.

During their campaign, Barrow and the coalition campaigned on the mandate of a 3-year transition. However, the Gambian leader has changed his mind regarding the 3 years.

The Coalition became divided with Peoples Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism holding a view that the president should resign after 3 years.

The United Democratic Party whose leader Ousainu Darboe initially back the President for the completion of his term is now calling for him to resign.

The UDP issued a statement on Wednesday calling for the President to step down after 3 years.

However, the rest of the Coalition 2016 stakeholders are supporting Barrow to the completion of his 5-year term. Magassy is one of them.

“I am with the President for five years,” said Magassy at a press conference on Thursday evening at his office along Kairaba Avenue.

“As a National Assembly member, I swore to defend the constitution. And as such, I would stay with the President for the completion of his term. The constitution says if you are elected, you serve for a period of five years…”


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  1. Moral Khan November 7, 2019 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    It’s a same for a national Assembly member to utter such words why there was an election for flag bearer if no one was willing to take lead in the critical time Halifa offer less years than Barrow to lead the coalition don’t come here today and said what favour you and secondly there is no one who can swear to ALLAH that he or she voted for 5 years because it was never convey to the people what was convey is 3 years even though the constitution said 5 years but there was a reason we have been voting for 54 years but we never talk about 3 years if you see this time people talk its and agreement and must hold our leaders accountable and they most respect their words you can never full Gambian again

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