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The camera crew of the Gambia Radio and Television Services has been attacked in Bujinga as they cover the burial ritual of former president’s mother, inside sources at the state broadcaster have confirmed to Kerr Fatou.

Aja Asombi Bojang, Jammeh’s mother who died in Equatorial Guinea where she lives with her only son, was brought back and was laid to rest in her home village on Saturday.

Sources told Kerr Fatou that the state broadcaster has sought the blessing of the APRC leadership for green light to cover the burial.

They were allowed to cover the burial. However, sources said some young people who were said to have been natives of Bujinga have assaulted the GRTS crew and ceased their camera.

Another source told us they may have been part of a private security. However, according to sources the group claimed to have been operating on the orders of Jammeh.

“I unequivocally condemn the assault meted out to our cameraman, Modou Ceesay by disgruntle elements of opposition APRC while providing coverage for arrival of body of late mother of ex President Jammeh,” wrote Sainey Marenah, a GRTS senior reporter,  on his Facebook page.

“Our crew was asked to stop filming by this hooligans with threatening statements which resulted to beating of Mr. Ceesay.”

Sources said GRTS is trying to get through to the APRC executive to get back their camera but to no avail.


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  1. samuel August 5, 2018 at 2:54 am - Reply

    that is very very good to attack GRTS crew because they have to know better the area they are go. why they want to cover burial at Foni Bujinga after knowing fully well that those people will never going to like them or the government of the day. In fact, president Barrow is lucky enough of not attending the burial there. They would have physical attack him and his entourage. I have watched GRTS news today August 4th, 2018 at 8pm, they said GRTS crew were met with very hostile at the airport and Bujinka, I was so happy to hear such. An evil dictator Jammeh still has diehard supporters both in Gambia security and civilians and they will never rest until then reinstate dictator Jammeh back in power. Dictator Jammeh and his host dictator President of Equatorial Guinea were planning Jammeh’s return to power.

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