GPU’s position on Sheriff Bojang Jr and Baba Njie’s incident

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GPU secretary general Saikou Jammeh

Press Release issued by GPU

Fajara, 20th March 2019: The Gambia Press Union has learnt with regret the unfortunate incident between Mr Sheriff Bojang Jr who happens to be the president of the Union and Fatu Network editor, Lamin Baba Njie, during news coverage of proceedings at the Supreme Court in Banjul on Friday, March 15, 2019.

The Union appreciates the personal apology promptly issued by Mr Bojang Jr., who has responsibly taken responsibility for his actions.  We therefore wish to join our president to express our unreserved apologies to Mr Njie and Fatu Network.

The Union recognises and stands to defend the fundamental right of every journalist to gather news and information. We encourage and commend Fatu Network for their vital contribution to strengthening the country’s democracy.

The GPU Secretary General, Mr Saikou Jammeh, said: “An attack on a journalist, by anyone, anywhere, is unacceptable.  The fact that this attack came from someone entrusted by Gambian journalists to champion the defence of their rights makes it even more regrettable and unfortunate.

“However, the Union’s faith in Mr Bojang remains strong.  We are encouraged by his leadership qualities as displayed in his personal apology that he promptly issued and his cooperation with the GPU secretariat and Executive Committee towards addressing this matter.”

Since Friday, the GPU made its position known to the parties concerned that the conduct of Mr Bojang Jr was inappropriate and that the Union stands in solidarity with Mr Njie and Fatu Network.

However, since it is an internal media matter, the Union has opened channels of communication and has been engaging with the parties concerned with a view to addressing the issue through the institution’s internal mechanisms. The union remains committed to that process and counts on the cooperation of everyone, particularly Mr Bojang Jr and Mr Njie.

In this vein, the GPU leadership wishes to assure everyone, particularly media professionals and press freedom advocates that the Union remains committed towards the protection and promotion of the rights and welfare of media professionals.



  1. O J March 20, 2019 at 11:42 pm - Reply

    With Mr Bojang accepting responsibility for the unprofessional manner he conducted himself towards Mr. Lamin Njie who was just doing his job as a journalist, I would urge Mr. Sheriff Bojang to donate a percentage of his income to Mr. Njie’s favorite charity as a show of good faith.

  2. Bubacarr M March 21, 2019 at 7:50 pm - Reply

    You as a union has failed the masses especially the media practitioners for allowing such an unprofessional Journalist to contest for the GPU presidency. Anyone who watches the video footage of the incident would recognise the unprofessionalism and political partisanship in Sheriff Bojan Jr. The entire media fraternity including those with covert political partisanship is very much ashamed of Sheriff Bojaang Jr. Please, Mr Secratary General, Teach Mr Boajang Jr the ethics of leadership.

  3. Sidi Bojang March 23, 2019 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    Unfortunately, The Gambia Press Union’s Secretary General Saikou Jammeh is not only wrong with his position and representation of the nature and how the incident is being handled by Mr. Saikou Jammeh and potentially the Gambia Press Union’s Management
    decided to handle the “Verbal attack and threats against journalist Mr. Lamin Njie of “Fatou Network” by the Gambia Press Union’s President Sheriff Bojang is a good example of a “slap on the wrist” and or aiding and abetting repugnance and impunity. Sheriff Bojang is not new to the profession of Journalism. He was Stringing for the BBC while working as a Journalist in the Gambia for years. He was active in the “Fight for Journalist’s Freedom and Rights. Yet, as a high and significant official of the only Organization in the Gambia, President of the Gambia Press Union, Sheriff Bojang should be held accountable and shown the “door” for his Unmitigated and Unacceptable behavior of “threatening and verbally abusive” behavior against a journalist who was just performing his job. Sheriff Bojang reacted and behaved as a Partisan hack or militant at the moment of his “assault” on Lamin Njie of “Fatou Network” and not as he should be at such times, a representative and indeed high official of the Gambia Press Union. Sheriff Bojang’s true Bias and Prejudicial disposition toward the UDP Party and its member Ms. Kumba Jaiteh, the Plaintiff of the Case, was so strong, and all consuming to the point that he was not able to make a rational and reasonable decision of how to handle the questions journalist Lamin Njie asked. Given his unrestrained and unprovoked outbursts, assault and attack against the Fatou Networks’ journalist Lamin Njie, his authority, and especially, Credibility, Ethtics, and Impartiality in matters of Press Freedom and Rights for all journalists when UDP PARTY and or its members are the Subjects, has been irepairably and irrevocably damaged. No amount of retroactive apology from Sheriff Bojang and his aider and abetter Saikou Jammeh would do. The matter is not a matter between the “Fatou Networks” and the Gambia Press Union’s Management and or officials. It is a National, a Gambian Issue and as such the matter should be put before the entire Gambia Press Union’s Membership’s Vote. I am of the opinion that the members would decide for the Gambia and Vote to give “the boot”, fire, remove Sheriff Bojang from a position that he is not appropriate to be holding. His disposition and temperament as demonstrated and exhibited against the “Fatou Network” journalist Lamin Njie speaks for itself. Sheriff Bojang must be removed from his

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