Do Not Kill The Collective Aspirations

//Do Not Kill The Collective Aspirations

By Simon Sabally

Dear NAMs,

In 2015, the opposition parties in The Gambia formulated a comprehensive set of demands and proposal for electoral and constitutional reforms (The Point, Sun., 20th Sept. 2020). They demanded the following:

· Recognition and observance of the right of all Gambians in Abroad to be registered as voters and to vote;
· immediate enactment of the Constituency Boundaries Commission Act;
· Removal of IEC commissioners should be subjected to a tribunal inquiry;
· Protection of absolute majority principle, 50+1;
· Non-interference of public servants the disciplined force in partisan matters;
· Not to use Civil Servants and public funds for campaign purposes;
· To have a two-term limit of five years duration per term as president

The Draft Constitution has all the articulated demands! A NO VOTE will make the demands subsist!


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