Campaign financing: PDOIS, Magassy deny Pres. Barrow’s claims

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The lawmaker representing Basse constituency, Muhammed Magassy, and the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) have denied claims by President Adama Barrow that he financed their National Assembly and local government elections.

In a meeting with supporters from Kombo South, the Gambian leader said he has sponsored the National Assembly and local government elections for all candidates representing the coalition partners.

Barrow was responding to allegations that he bribed lawmakers of United Democratic Party by giving them D10, 000 each.

However, in an interview with Foroyaa newspaper, both PDOIS’ Edi Jallow, a member of the coalition finance committee, and Magassy, a coalition partner, said the claims are false.

Magassy said even though he is a Coalition partner who is entitled to a Coalition 2016 vehicle and a cash amount of D150, 000 he was denied this entitlement.

“So, to say that he (President Adama Barrow) gave money to Coalition partners for their National Assembly election campaign, is unfounded as far as I am concern,” Magassy said.

Jallow added: “When President Barrow was selected at the Convention and had to pay his deposit PDOIS contributed 500,000 Dalasis. Even though he won and deposits are refunded PDOIS never received its share of the deposit.

“When the Campaign got stuck in Soma, I  Edi Jallow was instructed by the PDOIS Secretary General to take fuel on a loan basis  to fuel approximately 160 vehicles for five days under the control of Buba Bojang.”

Jallow said PDOIS raised 600,000 to save the coalition from being pressured by unpaid drivers.

“President Barrow would also confirm that I gave him D1 Million in the presence of Vice President Ousainou Darboe from Halifa Sallah to offset the debts of the Coalition,” he added.

Jallow said the PDOIS has raised D3 Million for the deposits, campaign materials, polling agents and campaign funds of its candidates for two elections.

He said after raising funds, Tambajang announced that there were coalition funds and assets to be distributed to stakeholders.

“One week after campaign started Mr James Gomez now Hon, Minister of Fisheries called me and indicated that a sum of 900,000 dalasis and two vehicles have been allocated to PDOIS as its share of coalition assets,” said Jallow.

“This was received by me and submitted to the PDOIS Treasurer.  One of the vehicles was reported to have an accident and had to be repaired.

“The Secretary General held a Press Conference to announce the sum received and indicated that the sum received from the coalition would amount to giving each of our 22 Candidates a sum of 40,000 as our share. Since a deposit of 5000 was necessary and 100 T shirts cost 10,000 dalasis no candidate would have been able to finance a campaign if we relied on coalition funds which came late into the campaign period.

“We should have complained of unfair and unequal treatment by the coalition at the 11th hour instead of any claim being made that the President financed PDOIS Candidates.”

Source: Foroyaa newspaper


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